Are You the Average Goldfish?

Originally published April 9, 2013

According to Wikipedia, in February 2011 there were over 156 million blogs. Perhaps — now more than two years later — there may be close to 200 million blogs. Maybe more? According to CNET, a well-established tech media website, there’s a blog born every half second. And, that is so old news, because CNET published that in 2006.

Now I’m curious … How many seconds in a year? 31,536,000. Two blogs every second = 15,768,000. Rounded off to 16,000,000, then multiplied by two, that’s 32,000,000. Add that to 156,000,000, and the answer is 188,000,000. It’s been more than two years since the Wikipedia reference, so … Close enough (to 200,000,000). Talk about daunting competition for me!

My next “Google” leads me to this productive bit of info: The ideal post is 250 – 300 words. (Average posts are more than 100 and less than 500 words.) Experts consider the ideal length to be “pithy,” meaningful and expressive. Which, of course, is what I want my blog to be.

For those who are interested, at the end of that paragraph I had written 151 words. I now have 125 – 150 words left to neatly wrap up this post and fall within that ideal range. I’ll admit this will be a challenge for me. Typically, my introductions — written and verbal — are lengthy. This can kill interest fast, especially with a blog.

According to The Guardian, an online media award-winner, “the current generation of internet consumers live in a world of ‘instant gratification and quick fixes’ which leads to a ‘loss of patience and a lack of deep thinking’.” Some online commentators have likened the average internet consumer’s attention span to that of a pet goldfish … 9 seconds. (By the way, per CNET’s info, nearly 20 new blogs are launched while those consumers are lollygagging.)

At first, I thought I would share the blog about a goldfish’s attention span and tips on how to hook the reader. But, I thought it was “dry.” I found the following YouTube video to be a better way to wrap up. And in my humble opinion, it adheres to one of the “Goldfish” blog’s tips — to be funny(ish).

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