My Kinda Grandmas ;)

Originally published June 13, 2013

WARNING: The following YouTube video contains language/situation that may offend you.

Most grandmas have a touch of the scallywag.  ~Helen Thomson

So, I was searching the Internet recently for info related to “society’s changing perspectives of grandmas” or “how grandmas have changed over time.” (Very heady research, mind you. It’s the only kind I do. 😉 And, one of the sites listed a number of quotes about grandmas. Many of them — as you would expect — related to hugs, cookies and “spoiling,” widely accepted to be a grandmother’s prerogative. (Correct spelling by the way … I just learned that.)

For this post, my lead-in quote was exactly what I was searching for in terms of the grandmas we have grown up with in TV and movies, maybe even our own families. And, because of more and more TMI (Too Much Information), grandmas are only getting wilder and wilder. (BTW, whether there are grandchildren or not, my nicknames for women and men of a certain age — gray-haired or not — are “grandmas and grandpas.” No ageism here, OK … I love “grandmas and grandpas,” even the cranky ones. Afterall, that’s their prerogative.)

Regarding the scallywags I have in mind: I present the the “3 Golden Sisters,” reviewing 50 Shades of Grey.

Love them! (But, is anyone else bothered about those “crooked” prints hanging behind them?)

These three sisters-in-real-life (Mary, Josie and Teresa) became an Internet sensation with the YouTube video of them watching and commenting on Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Since then, they’ve become TV stars with their show “Golden Sisters” on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). ***

As for my TV grandmas, I have learned about life “at the knees” of Grandma (Esther) Walton, Endora on “Bewitched,” “Mama” Thelma Harper,  Sophia Petrillo (Dorothy’s mother on “The Golden Girls”), Grandma Bev and Nana Mary on “Roseanne,” and Marie Barone on “Everybody Loves Raymond.” These are just a few that some consider TV’s greatest grandmas. On the darker side, I have also appreciated Livia Soprano (mob boss Tony’s mother), Ruth Fisher (matriarch of the funeral home family on “Six Feet Under”) and Lucille Bluth of “Arrested Development.” (Lucille is actually funnier than the other two, but she has been described as “extremely manipulative, narcissistic, amoral, domineering, and emotionally abusive to her children.” I guess I have a warped sense of humor.)

I was blessed with wonderful real-life grandmas too — all scallywags in their own way. My Nannie met her third husband through a dating service; she told him that she was 20 years younger than she was, and — bless his heart — he pretended to believe her. She loved to dance until the wee hours of the morning, until Alzheimer’s robbed her of her mind and life. My Grannie, a dancer and actress when she was younger, was a “proper English woman,” who proudly smoked cigarillos after dinner; I think of her everytime I sip on a scotch and light up a cognac-dipped cigarillo of my own. And, my Grandma Vickie cooked up some delicious Thanksgiving meals, with some of her signature Polish recipes, while drinking beer and smoking cigarettes; in fact, she counted on me to give her a case of her favorite beer for Christmas. I was happy to — I loved/love drinking beer too.

I’m not a grandma yet. I am looking forward to it though. All of my friends who are grandmas say they are having so much fun — probably because they don’t feel the pressure to be the role models they needed to be with their  children. They don’t feel it’s their responsibility to strictly discipline their grandchildren; in fact, they say things like, “I can spoil them as much as I want, then send them home at the end of the day!” My kinda grandmas. 😉

*** To learn more about the “Golden Sisters,” and watch several fun videos, click here.

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