What Can Fantasy Teach Me About Reality?

Originally reblogged July 9, 2015

Very well-written defense of the importance of fantasy/fiction to our imaginations and our lives:
“Fantasy teaches us to accept difficult truths. …
There are certain uncomfortable realities that we typically prefer not to think about, things like poverty, hunger, crime, hate, mental illness, even the evil within ourselves. It’s easier to get by when we allow ourselves to forget that the world is a dark place. We also have a need to feel secure in what we believe. …”

Originally posted on Jeff Coleman Writes:

Who doesn’t enjoy a good story?

Fiction is an indispensable part of the human experience. Without it, the world would be a cold and dreary place. Imagination is essential for one’s sanity and happiness. But we always go into fiction with the understanding that what we’re experiencing isn’t real. Though we choose to suspend disbelief, there’s always that part of our brain that maintains the distinction between reality and fantasy. A vast unbridgeable chasm exists between the two. One is real. The other is not.

You might reasonably ask yourself, “what can fantasy teach me about reality?” The answer, of course, is, “quite a lot!”


Though names and circumstances are spun from the threads of dreams and fancy, the underlying nature of the characters and the ways in which they behave are based on real people. An author, in the process of forging his…

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