Winds of Change

July 2015

Up until a couple weeks ago, Chasing Pirates was a multi-themed blog: Light-hearted; Spiritual; Serious-Thinking; Political Musings; and, Fellow Artists (reblogged posts from other sites). What began in the fall of 2012 as a mostly fun (hobby-ish) idea to make some sense of Information Overload has evolved into something more serious.

One reason: Our political climate is freaky. In weather-world, we’ve learned how the El Niño-La Niña patterns can result in severe thunderstorms, droughts, and hurricanes. Currently, in political-world, it appears we’re at the mercy of an El Donald, also known as El Troll — the year of the malcontent. This phenomenon can only be explained by the extreme heat/anger of a large percentage of American voters (particularly Republicans) with the establishment. In a July 2015 Washington Post blog, “One Word Explains Donald Trump’s Rise,” the following graph illustrates the heat index that is fanning El Donald.


Many people are predicting (hoping, in fact) El Donald will blow over within the next couple of months, but there are others who are cautioning that this is a system to be reckoned with. The Washington Post author ended by asking the question, “Would Americans actually vote a reality TV billionaire into the White House?” and essentially answering with the name: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just four months after the movie Terminator 3 was released (2003), Republican Arnold (pronounced Ahh-nuld) became governor of one of America’s largest and most liberal states. Here’s another name to remember (this one I have personal experience with): Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

Ventura, a former professional wrestler (hence the nickname “The Body”), ran for Governor of Minnesota on the Reform Party ticket in 1998. Minnesotans — I being one of them — were stunned when the third party candidate won with 37% of the vote over Republican Norm Coleman (34%) and Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) candidate, Skip Humphrey (28%). There are many similarities between Trump and Ventura, as this MinnPost article points out. One of those similarities, the author notes, is their gift for energizing angry voters — particularly “the angry white men of America.” In addition, the author offers this explanation of Trump’s and Ventura’s popularity: Historians point out that we’ve always had a taste for outlandish firebrands who ‘speak the unvarnished truth to power,’ even when the facts are entirely otherwise. When you multiply their charismatic personalities with television … and now compound it daily via the Internet … you’ve set the stage for breath-taking political theater.

Trump has threatened “to go third party” many times, and many pundits have predicted it will be his and the Republicans’ downfall, as well as a gift to Hillary (who appears to be the shoo-in for the Democratic Party nomination July 2016). But, I’m not so sure about that.

In another Washington Post article (July 15), “Trump’s Popularity Spikes among Republicans,” the author cites many polls with graphs — one in particular shows the difference in Trump’s popularity numbers (May vs July): Republicans, surging from 23% to 57%; Independents, from 15% to 35%; Democrats, from 11% to 19%; All affiliations, from 16% to 33%. Especially interesting to me is the 20% jump for Independents, because Trump may not only be the spoiler for the Republican Party … He may actually end up spoiling it for the Democrats by taking a fair share of Independent votes away from Hillary. Jus’ sayin’.

All this freaky weather has led me to narrow my focus on the political horizon and redesign my website. (Spiritual, Light-hearted, and Fellow Artist themes are now on my new Tapping the Well site.) However, I don’t intend to go “angry white woman” on you; I’m going to stay true to researching for the rational truth and a candidate who not only makes sense but also one I can trust. And at this point, I’m rooting for Bernie Sanders … If only El Donald wasn’t sucking up all the media’s energy, maybe some serious issues/candidates would get the attention they deserve.

8 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  1. I wouldn’t worry about Trump too much. His latest tactic seems to be that the Media is the problem, and that they are all stupid,one-sided, and against him. Of course, he shamelessly uses that same Media to get that point across. He is a billionaire real-estate mogul, who is a hypocrite and a bigot—you don’t think he doesn’t have skeletons in his closet? Sooner or later, people will begin telling the tale.Like all big storms, he will eventually blow himself out. But you are right in observing that his popularity is indicative of a dissatisfaction of the way Government now works. For the last six and a half years the mechanism of choice has been obstructionism— not to put forth your own agenda, but to foil your opponent. From day one of Obama’s presidency, Mitch McConnell and the Republican’s only goal was to stymie any program or idea put forth by the President. Government has become a big game of Tic Tac Toe, and America is the loser. The only solution is to sweep all the rascals out of Congress, take away all the money and vested interests, and replace them with real people who want to see progress and growth in our country, and who are willing to see all sides to an argument and make the compromises necessary to achieve that…………yeah, like that will happen. Who knows, maybe a flying pig will enter the race.

    Bernie-2016…………..Repeal Citizens United


    1. I totally agree with you, Donnie, about why people are angry — and justifiably so — with the establishment. But, I do think (and, am fearful) that The Donald has some legs. He’s flying high on the wings of “I don’t care what ANYBODY thinks or says about me!” and people are loving it because they see him as someone who has their back. Even if he really doesn’t, even if it’s all for show. Batten down the hatches, matey … We’re in for a hellacious ride!


      1. Nicki,
        We are hearing he isn’t planning on leaving office out here. That means a couple of things: He stays and becomes a dictator, he stays as a first man, he stays as something else. I just want him to leave. His change has been devastating for this country


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