Bernie Sanders is no joke

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NOTE: I first published this July 2015, when the Trump vs Sanders “joke” was being bandied about. Now, about three months from reality — the conventions/nominations of each party’s presidential candidate — the prevailing thought, accompanied by a lot of head-scratching, is “OMG, it could happen!” Last night, Hillary and Bernie debated in New York; in some polls, they are running neck-‘n-neck. On the GOP side, the field has been winnowed down from 17 candidates to three — in order, in the most recent polls: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, then John Kasich. I stand by my original title of this post, but I want to say this about Trump … He’s the #1 reason why people are more engaged — for good or for bad — in this race to the White House. I still wouldn’t vote him, but he sure has made things interesting. 

Some media people have wanted to dismiss…

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5 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders is no joke

    1. Hey, Mark! Not necessarily. I reblogged this post, from July 2015; when I wrote it, I was saying, “Take Bernie seriously; he’s not a nut case like Trump.” I reblogged it after this last debate because Bernie’s beating the odds. Also, Trump’s leading the GOP pack, when — last year — he wasn’t being taken seriously either. I’m thinking Hillary will win the nomination, and I’ll vote for her … but, I’ll think twice about it if John Kasich manages to win the GOP nomination in a brokered convention. How about you?


      1. Yes, Kasich is the only Republican I would vote for. Otherwise, Clinton or Sanders, but I’d much prefer Sanders, as he’s the one who will try to get the big money out of politics. Take care, best to Craig, come see us!

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